In the Beginning

This is the start of a new me.

In the past year:

– I graduated college

– Moved to a new city in a different state to be closer to my (then) boyfriend of two and a half years

– Got engaged to said boyfriend

– Sent him to war

Through all of this, I gained twenty pounds.  While I was in college, I spent nearly every day walking all over campus to get from class to class.  After graduation, this immediately stopped and there wasn’t a replacement to burn off those extra calories. 

I’ve since come to learn that there is more to health than not being sick and I’m tired of letting my health take a back seat to everything else.

Starting tomorrow that’s all going to change, and I’m going to document it here.  I’ve already got a basic plan worked out that will be adjusted as I need to.  There is no one size fits all plan, and everybody is different.  I just need to find what works for me.

I want to stop going through the motions and begin to live life on purpose.


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