My Plan

My plans for today were blown to hell after a pretty rough day.  I’ll start tomorrow.  I know I probably should have gone ahead and done what I intended to but it’ll be better if I start fresh tomorrow.

The Plan

I weighed 140.8 this morning.  I have at least fifteen pounds to lose.  One pound a week is my goal.  If I’m losing more than that I’ll adjust my calories to meet my needs as I’m becoming more active.

I want to do the Couch to 5K program to start running.  I started it before Christmas but got sick and it fell apart.  It was difficult to find the motivation to do it again but I really want to run.  When I was doing it I really enjoyed the process.  It felt really good to be moving. 

I have been doing yoga for some time now through YogaDownload.  I really enjoy my time on my mat and want to keep up with it.  Right now my favorite class is Lunar Flow #1 and I’ve just recently moved up to a 30 minute class that contains a shoulder stand!  One thing yoga is teaching me is to not be afraid to try something new.  Just do it and see what happens.  I am so close to getting that shoulder stand!

The biggest changes are going to come into my diet.  For now I’m going to stay around 1200 calories and watch things.  I know as I get more advanced in running I’m going to need more calories, but from my past experience, that is the level I need to be at to lose weight.  Other nutrients in the foods are going to be observed as I go along because this is something I want to change for life.  I will not cut foods out of my diet just because they’re “unhealthy” but adjust my intake to meet my cravings. 

I actually started a blog in September with the same goal in mind.  Unfortunately I set too many rules for myself and failed epically.  I eventually felt like there wasn’t any reason for someone to want to read what I was putting out there.  As soon as I quit blogging, I quit doing all the other wonderful things for myself.  I’m working to rediscover it all.

Tomorrow it all changes. 


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