Veebrams Not vIbrams!

I wanted to talk about one of my favorite things.  It’s my blog, that’s allowed!  And, it’s related!


My Vibrams!

When I first started reading healthy living blogs I stumbled across Edible Perspective and read all about Ashley and her adventures in her Vibrams.  She inspired me to start running and the more research I did into it the better vibrams sounded. 

When I was in high school I rolled my car which led to an impacted disk.  Several visits with a chiropractor and it’s a lot better, but it’s really easy to aggravate.  If these shoes could teach me how to strike so my back didn’t take the impact I’m in!  I got sprints because they were the most versatile so almost anything I wanted to do I could use them.

We went to a running store to buy ours because we wanted to make sure and get the right size (and I’m glad we did because I had to try on a few pair before we found one that fit!).  I really wanted them in blue, but all they had in my size was black.  That’s okay, I love them anyway 🙂

These are absolutely the most comfortable shoes I own.  I don’t feel the need to kick them off when I walk into the house and would gladly keep them on even if I’m not going anywhere.

If you’re considering vibrams make sure make sure you acclimate yourself to them so you don’t hurt yourself.  You’re using muscles you never knew existed and you have to let them build up to the rest of your muscles!

P.S. I just learned recently that I’ve been pronouncing them wrong.  It’s like veebrams not vIbrams!  Lesson for the day!

I’ll be back later to give a recap of today!


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