I Heart Free Stuff

Hi Hi!!

A few months ago I signed up for a free gift promotion from bath and body works and I had no idea it would be this cool! 

I got to pick out three travel sized items! One lotion, one shower gel, and one body spray!! How cool is that???


I also just got an email from Kraft First Taste that let me sign up for some free cooking cream I can’t wait to try! 

I love free things!


I wanted to post a picture of my heat pack because I think it’s the best thing ever 🙂


I was using one of the boy’s work socks (it was clean I promise!) filled with rice because I left my store bought one at home over Christmas.  I didn’t even consider how long I was microwaving it for and one day I pulled it out of the microwave smoking 😦

I missed it so much I took an old t-shirt that has a huge hole in the hem and filled it with rice instead!  It’s life changingly amazing!  And the t-shirt is super soft so it’s great for cuddling with!


I am crazy snacky today!  I’m not sure what it is but I’ve been craving lots of different things!!!  I was planning on stromboli for dinner but I may have to look into something a little lower cal because I’ve had so many snacks!

I bought some new peanut butter today and just had to have a taste!


This is one of the easiest, tastiest dips you will ever see!  All it takes is an ounce of cream cheese and a little buffalo sauce microwaved for 15 seconds and mixed together!

I like to have it with bread but you could kick up the nutrition by having it with veggies if you really wanted to.  I love this stuff!


I’m going to go enjoy some super yoga!  I’ll see you in a few hours for today’s recap and whatever I decide to have for dinner 🙂


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