I got to talk to my best friend for a whole hour today!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY bounce  I miss her!


I am absolutely terrible at making meal plans!  I finally sat down and planned all my dinners for these two weeks and I am failing at it!  Every night I look at what I have planned and say…no thanks, I want something else tonight!

This was one of those nights.

I was planning on scallops tonight, but it just didn’t seem like a fish night and all I could think about was chicken parmesan!

I took two chicken tenderloins and dipped them in flour, egg and milk mix, and bread crumbs mixed with parmesan cheese and Italian spices.


Then I baked them at 350*


I wanted my pasta to have a bit of a kick so I added some minced jalapenos to amp up the spice.

DSCN0976 DSCN0977

The chicken was awesome!  It would be so good on top of a salad!


The jalapenos went well with the pasta.  I’m definitely doing that again!

DSCN0979 DSCN0980  


Total calories for today: 1234.67 


If the weather is nice this weekend I want to go to the park!  During college I spent so much time reading scientific books and journals that I really lost my love of reading.  I’d really like to rediscover it again, as it was really something I enjoyed. 

They’re predicting thunder storms though. umbrellaMaybe I’ll curl up on the patio with my book and watch the storm.  That sounds wonderful.


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