Not So Sunny Sunday

It’s dark and cloudy cloud outside and the wind is super crazy!  I might blow away!  I’m curled up with my heat pack watching tv and I thought I would check in.  It felt weird that I hadn’t posted yet today.  I started a post but it was on a topic I’m not quite sure I want to bridge yet.


Not much to report along the lines of becoming healthier.  I haven’t had much of an appetite and what I have had to eat hasn’t been terribly interesting.  I am chewing this free sample pack of gum I got from Stride.gum  It has b vitamins in it!  I don’t know why more foods don’t fortify their recipes.  Like seriously, why don’t they put calcium in cokes?  I know they’re terrible for you, but that would at least improve it. 

I don’t really notice much of a difference, which I totally see as a good thing!  They should make multivitamin gum!  I’d totally chew it.


The boy and I are making lots of plans of things we want to do when he gets back.  We are totally going to be “that” couple and I’m so excited about it!

  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Picnics
  • Acro Yoga
    • someday, it looks pretty scary right now!
  • Going for long drives with no destination in mind with coffee and each other

I’m so excited!

– Me flower


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