Water Water Everywhere

A few months ago I started to notice something.  I would wake up feeling incredibly thirsty.  I took that as a sign that I wasn’t getting enough water.

The bottle I was using at the time was a bottle I found at Wal-Mart and it leaked so badly I might as well have been drinking out of a glass.  One time I had it packed in the side pocket of my backpack and had walked clear across campus before I realized half of the bottle had leaked out.  I liked it, but I just wasn’t using it as much as I should have.  If something isn’t working for you sometimes you’re just using the wrong thing.

I shopped around on Amazon a bit and there were lots of options but nothing really seemed to suit what I needed at that time.  There were lots that I could see myself using under certain situations but nothing that really was what i was looking for.  This one would be great for travel because it folds flat so you don’t have to lug around an empty bottle. 

I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond one day and saw a water bottle that was completely leak proof.  I thought my searching days were over!  Unfortunately a week or two after I brought it home I started noticing that it was really hard to drink out of and I was having to work to drink two bottles a day.  Definitely far from my hydration goals. 

A few days later I went into one of the outdoor stores here and saw the Camelbak Better Bottle.  I immediately bought one.  I was skeptical of their claims that this bottle will make you drink more water, but I knew that when I drink through a straw I drink more water. 


I LOVE my water bottle.  It never leaves my side.  I’ve never had so much water in my life!  I feel so much better, and I don’t wake up thirsty anymore!  The other day I drank fifteen cups of water. 

I do have a little bit of a problem with mold in the bite valve (even though all I use it for is water) but letting it dry overnight alleviates the issue.

I guess I’m technically supposed to tell you they didn’t pay me anything to write this, I just LOVE my water bottle so much I thought it deserved a blog post as one of my favorite things. 

– Me flower


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