Pre Loved

Hi Friends!

I like to visit my local pet store sometimes because a) they have friendly cats to play with and b) sometimes I need fish supplies. 

Today I noticed on facebook that they were giving away tennis balls for a $1.00 dollar donation to the Humane Society.  They were donated by a tennis club and were used by kids to practice their tennis skills.

Kath and Kelsey have both talked about using tennis balls as a way to massage their backs and I knew I had to try this since I have so many back problems.  Plus I get to donate to a great cause!


I climbed on my yoga mat and put the tennis ball between my shoulders.  It was wonderful!  I’m totally putting one in my car.  I have a feeling this is one of those things I’m going to always have with me now.  It was that great.


Now I’m sitting on my yoga mat taking advantage of my space heater.


Look at how much knitting I’ve gotten done!


I’m really enjoying it.  I need to have something to do when I watch tv.  I have issues sitting still and need to feel like I’m doing something productive.  This is the perfect outlet for all that!


I’ve got big plans for dinner.  See you then!

– Me flower


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