I made lots of discoveries at the grocery store today!  I don’t know why I never thought about frozen vegetables.  I’ve been buying frozen fruit for a while and I know that frozen produce is generally more nutritious than fresh at the grocery store because it wasn’t frozen very long after it was picked.  And it’s cheaper!  I got two bags of vegetables for less than one bell pepper would have cost me and the only ingredients are the vegetables.  That was the biggest hang up was I didn’t want any additional ingredients.  Also, it won’t spoil as fast as fresh produce so if it takes me a bit longer to eat it it’s not the end of the world.  Granted, things like lettuce I’ll still be buying fresh but this is the best thing I’ve heard all day!

I also saw Popchips at the grocery store for a dollar!  I’ve heard a lot about these and wanted to try them but I never saw them available so I had to grab a bag.  I thought I was getting sour cream and onion but I grabbed salt and vinegar by mistake. 

I served them with my turkey sandwich for lunch.


They were really good.  The flavor wasn’t too overpowering and they were really light and crunchy.  The texture wasn’t quite what I was expecting, it was more like a mix between a rice cake and an actual chip, but I liked it.  It probably won’t completely replace chips for me (I don’t have them often, but I do eat them sometimes), but I would definitely buy them again.


I’ve been craving some carbonation for a few days now.  Soda is another of those things I don’t have often but I’m not going to completely rule out of my diet.  For Christmas, my mom got me a Soda Stream, so I can make all the soda I want, with ingredients I control. 

It came with a sampler pack and I tried the diet lemon lime (Sprite is what I generally get when I’m craving some).  I noticed the standard flavors are just too sweet.  It’s like when a fountain soda machine dumps too much syrup in your cup.  Blech.  The diet is just right.


Lunch was really good but left me freezing!  I’m going to go try and warm up. 

Expect lots of veggies at dinner!

– Me flower


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