I was feeling some comfort food tonight so I made a big bowl of mac and cheese. 


I added some onion, but other than that there’s not any produce in there 😦


But it tasted awesome anyway!



Remember a few days ago when I decided to start adding a squirt of lemon juice to my water?

I’ve been adding a little to every bottle I fill and I realized last night that I don’t think I’ve sneezed at all in the last few days.  I’m normally not a sneezer unless I’m sick, but it seems like ever since I moved here I sneeze at least once a day, and it’s been getting worse.  The other day I woke up and played sudoku for a little bit and in the ten minutes it took me to play I sneezed eight times.  So not sneezing definitely is a nice change.

I realize that it could be any number of things improving my allergies, but it seems strange that when I start doing something different it changed.  And I don’t mind drinking it, so I don’t see a reason to stop even if it didn’t fix anything.


If it hasn’t been clear yet, I have spring fever BAD.  I get pretty bad about it normally, but now that I’m living in such a different climate it’s driving me nuts (it was 82 at home today).  It also doesn’t help that warmer weather means the boy will be coming home.  I’m so anxious for all the big things spring has to offer, and it’s just refusing to show its face.

I hope there’s sunshine for you tomorrow!

– Me flower


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