To die for

When I woke up this morning all I could think about was super creamy mashed potatoes.  My recipe is so easy it seems silly that I don’t have them more often.  All it takes is one large potato, one green onion, and one ounce of neufchatel cheese (lower fat cream cheese).  It’s so fresh and so good!


I had a salad on the side with chicken parmesan bites, romaine, roasted red pepper, and a dollop of pesto.


The mashed potatoes were to die for, but the salad left a little to be desired.  I think it would have been better without the brine-y red pepper.  It was a little too much like pickles 😦


But all in all it was a good dinner.


I am crazy restless.  I don’t know why, but I cannot seem to stay still.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m starting my challenge this week. 

Hope it’s sunny wherever you are!

– Me flower


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