All’s Well that Ends Well

I had been toying around with this idea for a few weeks but never had enough time in the morning to try it and on the weekends I was always missing something to make it.  Finally this morning I was ready to make French toast bites.

I pictured sautéing it in a skillet, because I have some trouble getting the middle of French toast to cook all the way through.  I love French toast, I’m just not very good at making it.

Needless to say, the soggy eggy bread squares did NOT sauté well.  They fell apart and turned into a pasty mess.  I layered the other half on a baking sheet and cooked it in the oven at 350* and that worked MUCH better.  It took about two hours to finally get something edible, so what went from being brunch turned into lunch 🙂


I had it with some cream cheese to make it a little more like stuffed French toast.


Truthfully, I didn’t need the cream cheese, because the French toast was SO GOOD!


I’m definitely doing this again, minus the mess.

– Me flower


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