Health Challenge Day 1

I just finished my first day of C25k

The fitness center offered at my apartment isn’t very good.  Of course, beggars can’t be choosers, but when both treadmills have the safety clip things broken I feel like it qualifies as not very good.  At any rate, it’s super convenient to be able to just walk over there and walk back when I’m done. 

I turned the tv on for some entertainment.  Why does daytime tv suck so much???  I gotta admit though, watching trashy daytime tv definitely makes me feel better about myself 🙂

Day one of the program says to walk for five minutes and then alternate running for one minute and walking for one and a half minutes until you reach a total of 20 minutes.  I decided to work for stamina before speed.  My speed on the treadmill may have been a little lagging, but I completed all twenty minutes and that’s what I’m working for.  Speed will come with time, but if I push too hard I’m going to hurt myself or not keep with it. 

That was my biggest issue before.  I tried to make my speed what I thought other people were completing the program at rather than what my abilities are. 

Overall I feel great.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but I’m pretty excited for the soreness 🙂

I’m excited!

– Me flower


2 thoughts on “Health Challenge Day 1

  1. he first steps are the hardest, it all gets easier along the way! Slow and steady… You will be doing that C25k before you know it! Nothing is on daytime TV but it is even worse at the gym.. You have to watch what everyone else wants to watch.

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