My Yoga Journey

I thought I would talk tonight about my path to discovering a love for yoga. 

My last semester in college I needed to pick up an extra hour to graduate and wanted to take something fun.  I didn’t want to add too much onto my course load since I had ben suffering senioritis for the last three years and I wanted to take something fun.  Some friends suggested I take yoga which sounded like an easy a and it could be fun. 

This was the place where I learned I am NOT cut out for group exercise.  I spent two hours a week comparing myself to others and feeling like I was doing it wrong.  The more I learn about yoga the more I feel like that class just wasn’t right for me.  The teacher stood at the front of the class and barked at us that we shouldn’t be shaking because that’s weak.  We had the class in a room in the rec center that was highly air conditioned because it was the same room they practiced karate an hour later.  Needless to say I was happy when the class was finally over. 

I never thought I’d be doing yoga again.  That is until I discovered Yoga Download this past September.  I started reading healthy living blogs and everyone was talking about this website where you could download yoga classes that you can do alone on your own time.  That sounds like something I could try.

I started with the beginner yoga class.  And while I felt amazing afterward, It was really difficult to keep my attention because the class seemed to move so slowly.  It wasn’t until I tried Lunar Flow that I really discovered what yoga could do for me. 

I feel amazing while I’m doing it.  It’s not really something I can explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself.  And every single time I *almost* make my shoulder stand ShoulderstandI feel a sense of accomplishment I’ve never experienced before.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty of accomplishments, but this is something that I do for me and only me.  The only person I’m competing against is myself.  And I love it that way.

That’s why I do yoga.

– Me


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