C25K Week 2 Day 1

I can’t believe I almost forgot to get this post up!  I guess I’m just too excited that tomorrow is my birthday! Party smile


Today was the start of week two.  This entails a five minute warm up walk followed by 90 seconds of running alternated with two minutes of walking for a total of twenty minutes. 

I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I did remember this week being tough last time I tried to do the program (before I came down with the flu and lost momentum). 

It really wasn’t that bad now that I’m finished doing it.  The runs did feel like they took forever but I think that’s because I was used to doing the one minute runs.  I’m sure my body will catch up and hopefully Friday will be even better. 

I’m thinking part of my difficulty is that I need to start using my inhaler before I go.  My legs aren’t really resisting as much as it gets really difficult to breathe.  I’m sure my body will catch up, It’s all part of it and I’m really excited to see how much I really can do.

– Me


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