C25K Week 2 Day 3

Oh my goodness I am so worn out.  Work is super crazy so bare (bear?) with me for the next few weeks until I settle into this new routine.

I contemplated pushing my run back to tomorrow, but the more I thought about it the worse that idea started to sound.  Twenty minutes isn’t really that long, and I knew that once it was finished it wouldn’t be hanging over my head. 

I am irrationally shy about running.  I know it’s ridiculous, but I don’t want anyone there while I’m running.  Partly because I feel like I’m being judged, and partly because I compare myself to other people.  I feel like I’m not doing it right or something.  It would be different if I were going to a bigger area or something, but when my only option is to stand right next to someone when I’m doing it, I would rather wait for the fitness center to be empty.  It took me three times to get the room to myself, but it was totally worth it.

It definitely wasn’t easy, and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s challenging in general or because I was pretty tired already when I went, but I made it through.  About halfway through I wondered if I should consider doing this week for a few more days but now that it’s finished I think I should move on.  I was able to successfully complete it after a long day and I feel pretty good about it. 

Even though I’m getting very busy in the next few weeks I plan to try and keep posting an update about how each run went because I think it would be an excellent compilation later.  It would be interesting to go back and see how I made it through the program.

And with that I’m heading to bed.  I’m completely worn out.

– Me


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