Today marks fifteen pounds lost.  I feel so accomplished Smile  I have about 8-5 more, I still haven’t decided where I want to stop, but I think I’d be satisfied in the 120s range.  Right now I’m at 133 so it won’t be too much farther.

I had every intention of doing my run today, but last night I destroyed my toenail.  There was blood and guts and gore and awfulness and of course it’s my big toe so it sticks out and I bump it on everything.  I wore flip flops this morning (in 49*) because I couldn’t get a sock on.  I tried everything I could to wear one but it hurt so bad and I figured it would be better to let it breathe.  There was NO WAY I could get my vibrams on, so I’m taking the next couple of days on and then I’ll move on to week 4.  It’s time.

I’m moving in a little more than a week and I have SO MUCH to do.  I may be a little absent in the next few days.  Be patient with me please, I’ll be back soon!

– Me


Link Love

I didn’t do so well at eating decently today.  That’s what I hate about ordering a whole pizza, the next day it seems to be all I eat.  You don’t want to see pictures of the same thing.

To make up for it I thought I’d share some fun things that popped up in my rss reader today:

Peeps yoga.  Love it.



Serious Eats shared an article on the safety of food dyes.  It’s an interesting read.

Are Food Dyes Safe?—Serious Eats

Enjoy your evening!

– Me

C25K Week 3 Continued (3)

Despite my best efforts to talk myself out of it, I just completed my run.  It’s cold and bleak outside and all I wanted to do was curl up under the covers but I don’t want to get any further behind so I trucked over to the fitness center.  My best motivation is it’s only 20 minutes and then you can snuggle under the blankets.  20 minutes isn’t very long at all.

I think I’m about ready to move on.  I’m getting to the point where I’m not sure if I’m holding off because I’m scared of moving on or I’m just not ready.  One more good run at this week and I’m going on to week 4 on Monday. 

Of course, I’ll let you know how it goes!

– Me

Not so healthful

This morning I had some more fresh bread for breakfast.  My dough was starting to get a little old in the fridge so it came out really  ugly.  It wasn’t worth trying to get pictures of.

Lunch on the other hand was pretty awesome.


I made the same sandwich as usual, but instead of romaine I added some spinach.  Yay for nutrients!



I went to the fitness center a few times to try and get my run in but a couple was running on both treadmills every time I went.  I didn’t want to go after dark so I just went back home and ordered pizza Smile


Chicken pizza with green peppers is the best.  Unfortunately the crust didn’t seem as stellar as last time.  It was kind of bland.


I’ll try and do my run tomorrow. 


I realized yesterday I’m moving in less than two weeks!  Oh my goodness I have so much to do it’s ridiculous!  Hopefully it’ll all fall together easily

– Me


This morning all I wanted was another fresh baked roll.  So that’s what I had!


It’s a happy coincidence that the butter looks like a face Smile


I can’t get over how long these hold me over!  I was full for hours!



I had a coupon for a free sample of Philadelphia’s new cooking crème and while I was a little unsure about this I was willing to try it and grabbed the “Santa Fe” variety. 


As soon as I brought it home I knew I wanted to make chicken salad with it. 


I sautéed some chicken until fully cooked and stirred the cream cheese in.


Which I then layered on a bed of spinach and romaine (I’m not a fan of spinach’s texture but it’s so nutritious I figured I could mix it with romaine for some crunch).


And I topped it with a few chipotle cashews for some extra texture.


It was good, but not something I couldn’t have made myself with fewer calories.  It really just tasted like cream cheese mixed with salsa.  I guess it’d be great for people who are too busy to cook, but it’s probably not something I would have paid for.



However,  that didn’t stop me from turning it into pasta sauce a few hours later.


Now this was something special, albeit ugly.  The flavors blended together so well, it was wonderful!




I’m feeling a little melancholy today.  I’m ready for the next few months to be over and to be done with this distance thing.  I’m ready to know he’s safe.  Just a few more weeks and he’ll be home.  I’m trying to stay positive.

– Me

Carb Overload

This morning all I wanted was some fresh bread with butter. 


I saw light butter at the grocery store and thought it’d be worth trying.  I’m always open to trying “healthier” products if it means I’ll be cutting back on calories and other not so good for you items.  Truthfully I didn’t really notice much of a difference having it this way,  I hope it’s as good in other applications.


I like to cut the bread in random places and let the butter melt into it.  It was wonderful!  (Btw:  This is a tiny plate.  My roll wasn’t THAT big Smile)



I spent the rest of the morning in bed sipping coffee and listening to John Mayer.  Lazy Saturdays are the best!



My bread held me over for a long time.  I was just getting hungry around 2:30 when my mom called and asked me to run an errand for her.  It took a little bit longer than expected so I was definitely ready for a quick lunch when I got back home at 3:30!


Same basic sandwich as always (I like consistency).


But with as hungry as I was it rivaled my best meals. 



While I was out running my errand I stopped at the bulk grocery store and picked up some millet.  It sounded perfect for dinner!


I love making it at a 4:1 ratio because it gets super creamy!  I stirred in some peppers and cheddar cheese. 


This definitely made up for my mac and cheese flub yesterday!


It was a pretty good day even if I didn’t get to talk to the boy Sad smile  hopefully tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

– Me


Soyjoy sent me a free bar through a facebook promotion a few days ago and it seemed like the perfect idea for breakfast.


…until I unwrapped it. 


Seriously.  That looks like something a dog left behind was formed into a brick.  I thought maybe I could get over it if it tasted okay so I took a bite and immediately threw it in the trash.  The texture was atrocious.  It was a mix between chalky and pasty and I couldn’t seem to chew it enough to get it out of my mouth. 

So, I won’t be purchasing these…ever.


As I was driving home for lunch I was thinking about what I wanted to have.  I completely forgot I had leftover calzone ready for me!


I took a couple bites before I remembered to get the picture, but it reheated wonderfully.  I will definitely be doing this again.


After my run today NOTHING sounded good.  I contemplated all sorts of stuff to no avail.  Finally I decided to make some mac and cheese.


It was not my best work.  I think it needed WAY more cheese. It was pretty bland, even with the buffalo sauce mixed in.


At least it’s pretty.


It’s cold and dreary outside which just makes me sleepy!  I’m going to curl up and watch a movie before I head to bed.

See you tomorrow!