On Artificial Ingredients

Earlier this week I posted this article and a few days later this article was published and it seemed like a good time to discuss my thoughts on artificial ingredients. 

I am slowly moving away from foods that aren’t “real” because so many of these studies pop up.  Of course, you can find a study proving anything, but the more I think about it the easier this decision seems.  Sure, it could be benign, but on the other hand it could cause some serious damage.  I don’t lose out on much by avoiding these ingredients and could potentially help my body along the way.  Why wouldn’t you move in this direction if a suitable alternative is available. 

Red M&Ms were taken of the market in the 70’s because the dye was found to be highly carcinogenic.  They changed the recipe and reintroduced them later.  If the original recipe used something that naturally dyed the candy then this wouldn’t have been an issue. 

I received my degree in food science this past may and spent a lot of class time learning about these ingredients.  Food companies add nitrates to several different meats because it acts like a preservative and helps give it that pink color.  Unfortunately, it also can combine with the proteins in that meat to create a carcinogen.  Their solution to this: we just use less of it.  Which sounds like a great plan until you realize that your body can store some of these artificial chemicals in your fat.  Who’s to say it won’t reach dangerous levels this way?  It’s just not worth the risk to me.

There are natural ways to achieve the same result without requiring something made in a lab.  I don’t see why we have to potentially harm ourselves to have the same outcome.

Just my thoughts on the issue.

– Me


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