C25k Week 3 Day 3

Oh my goodness, I just realized I’m 1/3 of the way through C25K!  How cool is that????

Today went MUCH better than Monday’s run.  While I did struggle a little bit I actually ran the entire time I was supposed to and didn’t feel like I was going to die. 

My right calf became sore, but not my left leg (I’m weird), and that made it a lot more difficult to complete.  This time it wasn’t my lungs holding me back but my legs. 

I’ve been thinking about whether I should redo this run a few more days but I think I’m going to try and move on to week four.  If it is too difficult I can always jump back but when I started this I said no excuses and I think I can handle it.  I guess we’ll see!

– Me


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