My run did not go well today.  I knew I wasn’t ready to move on, and my body definitely showed that to me today.  This run doesn’t even deserve a post on its own.  I’m going to redo week 3 next week and see how I’m feeling.  I’m doing this for myself, and I don’t want to get discouraged by moving on too soon.  And I know if I move too fast too soon I’ll wind up hurting something.

Hopefully soon my pictures will be improving!  A few months ago I dropped my camera in a creek after seeing 15 snakes at eye level, and have been shopping for a replacement ever since.  I have finally settled on getting a Canon Powershot s95, but refuse to pay more than what other people are paying just because it’s at low stock.  It’s silly to pay more for it, and the less I pay the more accessories I can get for it!  As soon as the price is down to a reasonable spot I’ll order it.  I’m very excited about this because it’s taken me a while to decide which one to get.  As soon as I get it I’ll probably do a post on the decision process I went through to settle on this one, but if you have any questions I’ll be happy to share what I know.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my posts definitely seem to be lacking lately.  I need to shake my routine up.  I’m getting to the point where I’m tired of dieting, but I know I will be happier if I try and lose the last ten pounds I intended.  (For reference, I started at 148, and am currently at 135.  I think I want to get to 122 before I stop.)  I don’t want to have to do this again, so let’s get it all in one go.  I’m thinking I’m going to start documenting everything I eat for a little while.  One, it will really help my photography skills as soon as I get my new camera, and two, it will force me to consider what I’m eating and hopefully inject some more variety into my diet!  I have made huge strides from where I was and I don’t want to lose my momentum.  Hopefully this will help get me out of my rut.

See you tomorrow!

– Me


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