Creepy Crawly

So today, I was sitting in my apartment and I noticed a black spot on the wall, upon closer inspection this is what I saw:


I tried to get him with a piece of paper to take him outside but he jumped at me!  I ran into the kitchen to get a jar to carry him outside, but he was gone when I came back.  I know I’ll wake up with him on my face.  Just wait.


I had high hopes for dinner, but it just didn’t pan out.  Earlier I was thinking about the deceptively delicious recipes and how people hide veggies in foods to convince their kids to eat them.  I wondered if I could puree some bell peppers to add to the cheese sauce for my mac and cheese.


I squeezed the excess water out of them before I tried, but they just didn’t puree.  Oh well.  It was pretty good anyway.



After dinner I was feeling so restless I went for a walk.  It was wonderful!  I definitely this needs to happen more often.


I’m loving these flowering trees!  Gorgeous!

I have a busy day tomorrow, I may not pop in until after work.  See you soon!

– Me


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