Today has been very hectic. 

I didn’t sleep well last night but had to get up early to run over to the doctor’s office to get a shot before I missed too much work.  I ate a cliff bar in my car because it was easy. 


It was a different kind today, and I really liked this one.  The flavors seem to be hit or miss for me, but I know they have to have other good ones, so I was excited this one was fantastic.


I had an awful day at work.  Things just didn’t seem to go right for me at all today.  Apparently I was super scatterbrained Friday and had to fix all my mistakes today while the phone rang off the hook. 


Because I missed 45 minutes this morning I had lunch at my desk.  Luckily I snapped this picture with my phone to prove it.


Finally 5:00 rolled around and I finished up a few things and started to head home.  I was thinking I would have lasagna since I really don’t have energy for much else, but last minute I decided to stop and grab Subway.  I know I said no more fast food, but I feel like this day warrants it.


I had a chicken breast sandwich on 9 grain wheat with green peppers, lettuce, and chipotle sauce.  I had some SunChips on the side.  On any other day I might have been disappointed with this sandwich but after the day I had it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.


I know it’s my day to run, and I know I said no excuses, but this shot makes my hip muscle so sore it’s uncomfortable to walk on.  I’ll make up for it, but today I just want to curl up in bed and watch movies and after the day I had I’m going to let myself.  I’ll just skip today and continue on Wednesday.

Here’s to hoping your day was better than mine!

– Me


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