C25k Week 3 Continued

They are currently doing controlled burns in the area and my allergies have been crazy unhappy with me.  Mix that with the fact that work was ridiculously busy, and you have a very ill feeling Cindy.

Because I didn’t get my run in on Monday, I definitely did not want to take another day off and lose my momentum, so I just decided to tough it out and went to get my run done.

It went MUCH better than I expected.  If I wasn’t feeling a little run down, I probably would have been much better off, but it wasn’t completely horrible.  I was able to easily do the 90 second runs and complete the 3 minute runs without stopping a little early (something I wasn’t able to do before).  Another day or two on this week and I might be able to move on.  I want to be able to easily do the 3 minute runs before I advance though.

I’ll be back here in a little bit to give a recap of my day and share some good news Smile

– Me


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