Soyjoy sent me a free bar through a facebook promotion a few days ago and it seemed like the perfect idea for breakfast.


…until I unwrapped it. 


Seriously.  That looks like something a dog left behind was formed into a brick.  I thought maybe I could get over it if it tasted okay so I took a bite and immediately threw it in the trash.  The texture was atrocious.  It was a mix between chalky and pasty and I couldn’t seem to chew it enough to get it out of my mouth. 

So, I won’t be purchasing these…ever.


As I was driving home for lunch I was thinking about what I wanted to have.  I completely forgot I had leftover calzone ready for me!


I took a couple bites before I remembered to get the picture, but it reheated wonderfully.  I will definitely be doing this again.


After my run today NOTHING sounded good.  I contemplated all sorts of stuff to no avail.  Finally I decided to make some mac and cheese.


It was not my best work.  I think it needed WAY more cheese. It was pretty bland, even with the buffalo sauce mixed in.


At least it’s pretty.


It’s cold and dreary outside which just makes me sleepy!  I’m going to curl up and watch a movie before I head to bed.

See you tomorrow!



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