Carb Overload

This morning all I wanted was some fresh bread with butter. 


I saw light butter at the grocery store and thought it’d be worth trying.  I’m always open to trying “healthier” products if it means I’ll be cutting back on calories and other not so good for you items.  Truthfully I didn’t really notice much of a difference having it this way,  I hope it’s as good in other applications.


I like to cut the bread in random places and let the butter melt into it.  It was wonderful!  (Btw:  This is a tiny plate.  My roll wasn’t THAT big Smile)



I spent the rest of the morning in bed sipping coffee and listening to John Mayer.  Lazy Saturdays are the best!



My bread held me over for a long time.  I was just getting hungry around 2:30 when my mom called and asked me to run an errand for her.  It took a little bit longer than expected so I was definitely ready for a quick lunch when I got back home at 3:30!


Same basic sandwich as always (I like consistency).


But with as hungry as I was it rivaled my best meals. 



While I was out running my errand I stopped at the bulk grocery store and picked up some millet.  It sounded perfect for dinner!


I love making it at a 4:1 ratio because it gets super creamy!  I stirred in some peppers and cheddar cheese. 


This definitely made up for my mac and cheese flub yesterday!


It was a pretty good day even if I didn’t get to talk to the boy Sad smile  hopefully tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

– Me


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