This morning all I wanted was another fresh baked roll.  So that’s what I had!


It’s a happy coincidence that the butter looks like a face Smile


I can’t get over how long these hold me over!  I was full for hours!



I had a coupon for a free sample of Philadelphia’s new cooking crème and while I was a little unsure about this I was willing to try it and grabbed the “Santa Fe” variety. 


As soon as I brought it home I knew I wanted to make chicken salad with it. 


I sautéed some chicken until fully cooked and stirred the cream cheese in.


Which I then layered on a bed of spinach and romaine (I’m not a fan of spinach’s texture but it’s so nutritious I figured I could mix it with romaine for some crunch).


And I topped it with a few chipotle cashews for some extra texture.


It was good, but not something I couldn’t have made myself with fewer calories.  It really just tasted like cream cheese mixed with salsa.  I guess it’d be great for people who are too busy to cook, but it’s probably not something I would have paid for.



However,  that didn’t stop me from turning it into pasta sauce a few hours later.


Now this was something special, albeit ugly.  The flavors blended together so well, it was wonderful!




I’m feeling a little melancholy today.  I’m ready for the next few months to be over and to be done with this distance thing.  I’m ready to know he’s safe.  Just a few more weeks and he’ll be home.  I’m trying to stay positive.

– Me


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