Today marks fifteen pounds lost.  I feel so accomplished Smile  I have about 8-5 more, I still haven’t decided where I want to stop, but I think I’d be satisfied in the 120s range.  Right now I’m at 133 so it won’t be too much farther.

I had every intention of doing my run today, but last night I destroyed my toenail.  There was blood and guts and gore and awfulness and of course it’s my big toe so it sticks out and I bump it on everything.  I wore flip flops this morning (in 49*) because I couldn’t get a sock on.  I tried everything I could to wear one but it hurt so bad and I figured it would be better to let it breathe.  There was NO WAY I could get my vibrams on, so I’m taking the next couple of days on and then I’ll move on to week 4.  It’s time.

I’m moving in a little more than a week and I have SO MUCH to do.  I may be a little absent in the next few days.  Be patient with me please, I’ll be back soon!

– Me


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