Oh my goodness it has been one intense week!

I am finally moved into my new apartment, and while I have a few more things to do I’m more or less finished with the moving part.  Now comes the unpacking and organizing. 

My health has taken a huge hit during all this.  I have eaten lots of junk food and not near enough water.  Luckily I only seemed to gain about a pound if that. 

I haven’t run in like a week.  Starting tomorrow I am going to redo week 3 and go from there.  Hopefully I didn’t lose too much momentum!

It’s amazing to see how it’s affected how I feel.  I physically feel so much better when I’m eating better.  I’ve been noticing light headaches and stomach grumbles I didn’t have a week ago.  Tomorrow I plan to get back on track and we’ll see how I’m feeling this week.


I think I’m finished dieting.  I’m right in the middle of my bmi, which gives me plenty of wiggle room on either side so hopefully I’ll be able to monitor things and see where I stand. 

I am a little concerned about going into maintenance.  How will I make myself eat more???? It’ll be interesting to see where this takes me!

Tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programing

– Me


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