Yesterday I was doing a lot of thinking about my blog and where I wanted to take it and my health.  I am constantly evaluating my health and things I need to work on.  It’s a process, and I don’t want to lose too much momentum. 

Last night I sat down and wrote down the things right now I think I need to work on.  I think periodically evaluating these things will help me focus on them rather than just saying I should do this.  I think I’ll focus on them one at a time until I feel stable in continuing on to the next one.

Right now the list consists of:

1) Raise my calories to stop losing weight.

Right now I really need to get my calories back up.  I’m trying to stop dieting and it has been much harder than I ever expected.  I have lost two pounds since I decided it was probably time to stop, and am unconsciously continuing to restrict my calories.  I think I just got used to eating below 1300 calories that it doesn’t seem to be restrictive.  This weekend I’ll get a meal plan scheduled and work to raise my calories so I can stop losing weight and start maintaining. 

2) Drink at minimum 3 bottles of water. 

For some reason I’ve been struggling with getting enough water.  I will be doing a project hydration soon.

3) Eat at least 3 servings of produce a day.

4) Finish C25k and get an exercise regimen going.

This will happen as soon as the boy comes home in a few weeks.  He is going to help me with a lot of this.

5) Evaluate my sugar/fat/sodium intake and get it under control.

I’m sure my list will get MUCH bigger as time goes on, but these are the five things I think are hindering my health right now. 

I’ll keep you updated!

– Me


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