Operation Do Better

It’s no secret I have not been doing well at taking care of myself.  I haven’t been running, veggies have been non-existent in my diet, and I generally have regressed from all the progress I’ve made in the last few months.  It’s anybody’s guess how much pizza I’ve consumed in the last month.

It’s time for that to change starting now. 

I have a meal plan set up that I am going to stick to until I stop losing weight.  Even though I hate meal plans I think that’s the best way to bring myself back up to healthy calorie levels. 

I’m going to drink at minimum three bottles of water each day.  It’s easy to do and I feel so much better when I get that much.

I’m going to finish C25k.  I don’t want to lose too much momentum and I really want to finish it.  It’s silly not to.


What I’m doing right:

I’m eating breakfast every day.  I don’t feel well without it. 

I’m moving lots.  Even if I’m not officially exercising, I’m making sure activities are more active than just sitting on the couch.

I’m taking vitamins.  Really good ones.  And a lot of calcium to go along with it.

I’m at a really healthy weight.  Even though I’ve been unable to stop losing weight I’m still perfectly inside my healthy weight range.  I have plenty of wiggle room. 

I’m motivated.  I want to do well, it’s just a matter of working everything into my schedule and making my health a priority again. 


I’m excited!

– Me


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