Super Awesome

It was snowing crazy ice pellets this morning that kept hitting the window and woke me up!  I went to the grocery store after it had [mostly] stopped.  A few hours later I looked outside to see this crazyness! 


It doesn’t look like much but it was totally snowing like crazy.


I wanted to try one of my new veggie finds for dinner so I grabbed the 3 pepper and onion blend.  This blend and the broccoli/cauliflower mix I bought cost less than the ONE bell pepper I originally had in my cart. 


I sauteed a cup of it (only 25 calories!) in a skillet with some chicken and cajun spice before topping millet mixed with two tablespoons of parmesan and some buffalo sauce with it.


It gave the chicken the chewy texture like if it’s been cooked into soup, I guess from the ice on the veggies, but other than that it was excellent (and super super easy!)


I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this yet, but I totally won some free Simply Juice coupons from Free Sample Freak.  The first kind I got was raspberry lemonade and it’s awesome!  I had a cup of it with dinner



Truth is, I’m completely addicted to tv.  It’s insane how many shows I watch.  However, when time came to choose a cable company I weighed the pros and cons of actually getting cable.  I could use the money I would be spending on tv and get super awesome fast internet and watch tv there instead, so that’s what I did. 

I keep a running tally of which shows I have to watch each week and watch them as I have time, except for Glee, I ALWAYS watch Glee the second it comes out.  I’m addicted. 

Tonight I sat down and watched Off The Map while I ate.  What a great episode!  I really like this show, but it seems like the kind of show I like that never has a long run.  I think they may have redeemed themselves this week!

I’m off to strike more off my list!  See you tomorrow!

– Me flower


Minus the Purple Vomit

I was camping out with my space heater and had a candle that the wick was completely burned up so i decided to improvise!  It made the whole house smell like cinnamon!


This, is an excellent way to utilize your ABin5 dough.


I took chicken, bell pepper, and green onion and sautéed them until the chicken was fully cooked.  While this was going on I rolled out a ball of dough (using LOTS of extra flour, it’s sticky!) and topped it with a slice of provolone and some buffalo sauce.  I added the chicken and wrapped it up and popped it in the oven at 400* for 20 minutes.


Somehow all the sauce ran out onto the Silpat, but it was still excellent.


I just finished Glee!  How awesome was that episode?  I was a little concerned at first, but it ended amazingly.  I liked it.  Minus the purple vomit.  Eww.

Now, I’m curled up in bed with my hot pack (it literally never leaves my side!) and a cup of chai tea.

Big things are going to happen tomorrow, I know it!

– Me flower

All Wrapped Up

For the first time ever, I made what i had on the menu for today.

I’ve been making buffalo chicken wraps ever since I tried them at a restaurant a few years ago, but they made theirs with fried chicken and I make it with sautéed chicken.  I normally make it with queso fresco, but the grocery store didn’t have any the other day.  Boo!


  • Chicken
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Plain Yogurt (or sour cream)
  • Provolone
  • Romaine
  • Buffalo Sauce

I cooked the chicken in a skillet until completely cooked through and added the buffalo sauce at the end.  Then I took the tortillas and spread the yogurt (sour cream) on it and added half of a slice of provolone before pouring the chicken on top and rolled it like a burrito.  I normally stuff the romaine in the wrap as well, but I wanted to have it as a salad instead.

This is a super easy, very filling meal.  Enjoy!

– Me flower


I got to talk to my best friend for a whole hour today!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY bounce  I miss her!


I am absolutely terrible at making meal plans!  I finally sat down and planned all my dinners for these two weeks and I am failing at it!  Every night I look at what I have planned and say…no thanks, I want something else tonight!

This was one of those nights.

I was planning on scallops tonight, but it just didn’t seem like a fish night and all I could think about was chicken parmesan!

I took two chicken tenderloins and dipped them in flour, egg and milk mix, and bread crumbs mixed with parmesan cheese and Italian spices.


Then I baked them at 350*


I wanted my pasta to have a bit of a kick so I added some minced jalapenos to amp up the spice.

DSCN0976 DSCN0977

The chicken was awesome!  It would be so good on top of a salad!


The jalapenos went well with the pasta.  I’m definitely doing that again!

DSCN0979 DSCN0980  


Total calories for today: 1234.67 


If the weather is nice this weekend I want to go to the park!  During college I spent so much time reading scientific books and journals that I really lost my love of reading.  I’d really like to rediscover it again, as it was really something I enjoyed. 

They’re predicting thunder storms though. umbrellaMaybe I’ll curl up on the patio with my book and watch the storm.  That sounds wonderful.