This morning all I could think about was macaroni and cheese!  I’m really excited about some of the ideas I have for tonight.  I started to get hungry and decided to have fish for lunch to save the bigger calorie meal for dinner. 


Instead of Italian dressing in the breadcrumbs I blended a green onion for some more nutrition.  I wish I had used more, the breading was kind of bland and was so  blended there was no texture for it and made it really ugly!


On the side I had a romaine salad dressed in Italian dressing.  I’m not sure if it was because I was so excited about the mac and cheese or what but this meal wasn’t very satisfying.  Hopefully dinner goes better.

See you soon!

– Me


Something’s Fishy

On my plate! 

That was LAME, but this meal definitely will rectify it :)  You have to go try this like right now.  It was that good.


Last time I went grocery shopping, fish was on sale and I really like fish so I grabbed a couple packages of it.


Tonight I had tilapia covered with a breading of dried bread crumbs, queso fresco, and Italian dressing.  I laid it on a bed of romaine for a little extra green.  It was sooo good!  Definitely made up for my breakfast flop 🙂



Would you believe it’s snowing like crazy outside?  Weird since it was 70 degrees yesterday!  I’ll put up with it though, because it’s the gorgeous kind that falls in big clumps, not the horizontal nasty snow.  I’ve got my space heater and we’re doing great here.

I hope it’s warm wherever you are!

– Me flower