Lots of Excitement

My goodness, a lot has happened today!  I’ll start from the beginning.

I almost left my camera at home this morning thinking I wouldn’t have a reason to get a picture but last minute decided it would be the day I left it at home that I would miss a great shot.  Check out how lucky I was this morning:


You’ve already seen breakfast.  It didn’t hold me over as well yesterday.  Definitely going back to my trusty oatmeal tomorrow!  Needless to say, by the time it was lunchtime I was ready to go!

I started making a salad, but I’m running low on romaine, so I changed to a sandwich.  It was awesome, especially since I was starving.



Work was super crazy but I got some great news!  Tony will be coming home much earlier than I expected!  Obviously, for security reasons I can’t give an exact date, but it is soon!


I was pretty worn out from my run and wanted an easy prep dinner.  I pulled two lasagna squares out of the freezer and set them to cook while I took a shower.


I’m loving these easy weeknight prep meals.  I’ll have to get some more freezer meals ready so I can do this more frequently.


It was such a crazy day I didn’t do a very good job of keeping track of my calories and was WAY under.  I decided to make an evening snack quesadilla which I didn’t get a picture of because I was too busy cleaning the kitchen while I ate it and forgot.  It was pretty awesome anyway.

So, there’s my day Smile  I’m pretty worn out so I’m going to curl up and watch some tv.

See you tomorrow!

– Me


Seeing Red

This afternoon I was feeling a little sluggish, so I had some coffee (105 calories).  I have my coffee with milk and a tablespoon of sugar.  It’s happiness in a cup Smile.



Dinner was super easy but ridiculously amazing. 


I love having these lasagna squares in the fridge to pop into the oven for a less than five minute prep meal!  And of course, I got to use my knork which I love Smile


I baked them at 350* for 45 minutes to perfect cheesy perfection.  It was wonderful! 



After some shopping around I ordered my camera off the AAFES website (military exchange).  I was able to use a discount to get it down quite a bit and because I accidentally overpaid my credit card a couple months ago (payment takes a few days to show up so I thought my payment hadn’t gone through yet), I was able to buy it for less than $100 not counting the accidental overpayment.  It’s still back ordered, but this way I got it at an awesome price.  Now I just have to have patience enough to wait for it to get here!

All in all it has been a great day! 

– Me

Healthy Simplicity

I had every intention of having a meal plan in place but the more I thought about it the more I realized I wouldn’t stick to it.  I never do.  So instead I have three things I can have for lunch, my usual breakfast list, and have lots of easy dinner plans. Hopefully this will get me out of my take out rut. 

For lunch I have the option of either a sandwich, a quesadilla, or salad.  I am going to keep some cooked chicken in the fridge for a little extra protein during lunch.  I will work to have no less than three bottles (9 cups) of water.  I’ll do this by having one before lunch, one before dinner, and one in the evening.  Sounds easy enough right?  That’s the plan.  Being healthy should be effortless.  If it’s difficult nobody will want to stick with it and with my busy schedule I need it to be simple. 


One of the ways I’m going to keep my dinners easy is by preparing freeze ahead meals that I just have to reheat and eat. 

A while ago I found this recipe for lasagna roll ups.  It’s nice to just pop a square out of the freezer and eat it as you want it than to have to work your way through an entire tray of lasagna. 


I baked two pieces at 350* for about 40 minutes.


Super easy, super tasty, absolutely not processed.


Here’s to hoping this week is healthier than last!

– Me