Very quick post from a very worn out Cindy

I seem to be running behind all day today!  I didn’t get a picture of breakfast because it was consumed running out the door, but it was peanut butter on a flour tortilla.  Not very photogenic anyway.

Lunch was quickly eaten in my car because work was so crazy today we took very short lunches.  I grabbed quiznos.


And some sun chips.


I had originally planned to eat millet for lunch (leftover from last night) but I was very thankful it was waiting for me when I got home. 


It’s better the first time.


Have a great day!


Big Things

Gorgeous breakfast for a gorgeous morning!


Don’t worry, it’s frost, not mold on the berries!


Next time I’ll cook the berries into the oatmeal.  It was too cold!  Good thing I had some hot coffee on the side.  I was a little sleepy this morning so I had TWO cups.  I was practically bouncing off the wall when I finished!



Lunch wasn’t as pretty, or as good.


I made a wrap with romaine, Swiss, and some cajun spice for fun.



After some unpacking and running up and down the stairs, I made millet for dinner, topped with some chicken.


It was super filling and VERY tasty Smile


Big things are coming!  Excuse any distractions Smile

– Me


Everything is still in boxes and impossible to find.  I had coffee and graham bunnies for breakfast.


But they were wonderful!



Lunch was a little rushed because I had lots of phone calls to make.  I ate leftover Caesar salad while I worked to see where the boy’s computer was (it’s lost in the mail.  I’m not even kidding)



Today was my first run in my new fitness center.  I think these are higher quality treadmills.  I didn’t have any static issues and the treadmill didn’t feel as “squishy”.  I think I’m going to like it here.  Today went well.  I’m glad I am redoing week 3 since I took so much time off, but I don’t seem to have regressed too far.


I was starving after my run, so I set some millet to start cooking while I showered.  I love self cooking meals!


I hope your day has been wonderful!

– Me

Carb Overload

This morning all I wanted was some fresh bread with butter. 


I saw light butter at the grocery store and thought it’d be worth trying.  I’m always open to trying “healthier” products if it means I’ll be cutting back on calories and other not so good for you items.  Truthfully I didn’t really notice much of a difference having it this way,  I hope it’s as good in other applications.


I like to cut the bread in random places and let the butter melt into it.  It was wonderful!  (Btw:  This is a tiny plate.  My roll wasn’t THAT big Smile)



I spent the rest of the morning in bed sipping coffee and listening to John Mayer.  Lazy Saturdays are the best!



My bread held me over for a long time.  I was just getting hungry around 2:30 when my mom called and asked me to run an errand for her.  It took a little bit longer than expected so I was definitely ready for a quick lunch when I got back home at 3:30!


Same basic sandwich as always (I like consistency).


But with as hungry as I was it rivaled my best meals. 



While I was out running my errand I stopped at the bulk grocery store and picked up some millet.  It sounded perfect for dinner!


I love making it at a 4:1 ratio because it gets super creamy!  I stirred in some peppers and cheddar cheese. 


This definitely made up for my mac and cheese flub yesterday!


It was a pretty good day even if I didn’t get to talk to the boy Sad smile  hopefully tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

– Me

Crazy Mess

This crazy pile of food was my dinner.


It’s not very pretty, but it tasted awesome. 

Before my run, I was craving Subway, so after I was finished I hopped in my car and drove over there.  There were like 20 softball girls in front of me ordering and I didn’t really have the patience to stand there and wait so I turned around and went home, and I’m glad I did! 

In my bowl I have 1/2 cup millet (378 cal), a lot of bell peppers (~30 cal), some chicken sautéed with cajun spice (80 cal), buffalo sauce stirred into the millet and a little queso fresco sprinkled on top for a grand total of 508 calories.  It was super filling and fantastically delicious and I feel much better than I would have after eating a heavy sandwich.  I’m glad the sports girls were there to push me in this direction!

– Me

Super Awesome

It was snowing crazy ice pellets this morning that kept hitting the window and woke me up!  I went to the grocery store after it had [mostly] stopped.  A few hours later I looked outside to see this crazyness! 


It doesn’t look like much but it was totally snowing like crazy.


I wanted to try one of my new veggie finds for dinner so I grabbed the 3 pepper and onion blend.  This blend and the broccoli/cauliflower mix I bought cost less than the ONE bell pepper I originally had in my cart. 


I sauteed a cup of it (only 25 calories!) in a skillet with some chicken and cajun spice before topping millet mixed with two tablespoons of parmesan and some buffalo sauce with it.


It gave the chicken the chewy texture like if it’s been cooked into soup, I guess from the ice on the veggies, but other than that it was excellent (and super super easy!)


I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this yet, but I totally won some free Simply Juice coupons from Free Sample Freak.  The first kind I got was raspberry lemonade and it’s awesome!  I had a cup of it with dinner



Truth is, I’m completely addicted to tv.  It’s insane how many shows I watch.  However, when time came to choose a cable company I weighed the pros and cons of actually getting cable.  I could use the money I would be spending on tv and get super awesome fast internet and watch tv there instead, so that’s what I did. 

I keep a running tally of which shows I have to watch each week and watch them as I have time, except for Glee, I ALWAYS watch Glee the second it comes out.  I’m addicted. 

Tonight I sat down and watched Off The Map while I ate.  What a great episode!  I really like this show, but it seems like the kind of show I like that never has a long run.  I think they may have redeemed themselves this week!

I’m off to strike more off my list!  See you tomorrow!

– Me flower

Friendly Footwear

I won’t be posting all of my meals every day.  I tend to run with the same thing for a few days and I can’t see how oh she had a sandwich for lunch again could be very interesting.  Of course I’ll post the wonderful meals I do have, but don’t expect everything I eat to go up.  That’s silly.

Because of the cold weather I haven’t worn my vibrams in a while so I thought it would be better to walk in them and make sure I’m acclimated before I start running.  It’s still really muddy outside so I went to my apartment complex’s fitness center and hopped on the treadmill with a magazine.  I started at 2.8, which was a reasonably fast walk, and hoped to do 30 minutes.  After fifteen my feet were crying so I hopped off.  I didn’t want to overdo it and I was glad I didn’t try to start running right off.  I think part of the problem was that I wore my feet killing heels yesterday.  Friendly footwear for the next few days.


Dinner, however, was life changing.


I had originally planned on making potato soup for dinner, but after the wonderfully warm day I wasn’t really feeling it.  All I could think about was cajun chicken with millet.  Always go with what you crave.  Unless it’s a whole gallon of ice cream, that sounds like a bad idea.

Millet is my favorite grain right now, I just discovered it in the last few months and I LOVE it. 

I combined 1/2 cup millet with 2 cups water in the rice cooker and let it do its thing.  I like to cook my millet at a 1:4 ratio instead of a 1:3 ratio because it makes it super creamy.  About halfway through cooking I diced some chicken, a green onion, and some red bell pepper and sautéed them with some cajun spice.

When the millet was finished, I stirred in some buffalo sauce and grated some extra sharp cheddar into the rice cooker and stirred it all together.

It was wonderful!  I loved the mix of the flavors.  I’m totally doing this again.



  • Weight:
    • 139.8
  • Water Drank:
    • 9 cups
  • Running:
    • I walked 15 minutes
  • Yoga:
    • not today
  • Breakfast:
    • Oatmeal
    • (272.67 calories)
  • Lunch:
    • Turkey Sandwich
    • (335 calories)
  • Dinner:
    • Cheddar Millet with Cajun Chicken
    • (638 calories)
  • Total Calories:
    • 1275.67


Now I’m curled up with my heat pack and a cup of chai tea (my guilty pleasure) and I’m going to talk to the boy until it’s time for bed 🙂