I think I need ear plugs.

I used to live with the kitty.

She is the sweetest most awesome kitty who ever lived.


And every scary noise I heard I could blame on her.  She is the biggest scaredy-cat ever.  We would be sitting in the living room and hear the neighbor open his door.  She would look at me and at the door and then dart away.

When I moved I couldn’t find an apartment that would allow her to come with me so I had to make the awful decision to leave her with my parents. 

Now every time I hear something in the middle of the night I freak out.  On more than one occasion I have woken up in the middle of the night to a noise and sat there hazily wondering if the noise was just the neighbors or inside the apartment.  I’m going crazy.


Breakfast was deliciously purple. 


I love blueberries!


White Chocolate Wonderful will always be special to me, but salty, crunchy peanut butter has my heart.



I have been goofing off on the computer so much I didn’t realize this didn’t get published yet 🙂


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