Big Things

Gorgeous breakfast for a gorgeous morning!


Don’t worry, it’s frost, not mold on the berries!


Next time I’ll cook the berries into the oatmeal.  It was too cold!  Good thing I had some hot coffee on the side.  I was a little sleepy this morning so I had TWO cups.  I was practically bouncing off the wall when I finished!



Lunch wasn’t as pretty, or as good.


I made a wrap with romaine, Swiss, and some cajun spice for fun.



After some unpacking and running up and down the stairs, I made millet for dinner, topped with some chicken.


It was super filling and VERY tasty Smile


Big things are coming!  Excuse any distractions Smile

– Me


bad day

Check out my new table!  I’m loving it so far!


Breakfast was wonderful!  I made blueberry banana oatmeal.  I loved it!



Lunch was an exercise in failure.  No pictures.  It ended badly.  Enough said.


Dinner however, was fantastic.


I’m really low on groceries, but I still managed to whip up some fantastic pasta.


I hope your day went better than mine!

– me


I have no idea why my breakfast pictures are super blurry (hurry up and get here new camera!) but it was wonderful none the less.


I decided to make my breakfast super fun with sprinkles Smile 



I’m running low on quick lunch groceries, so I had another sandwich.  It’s okay, I don’t mind, because they taste so wonderfully good!


I have been wanting to try a reheated version of my calzone for lunch for a few days and decided to make a bigger one so I had enough to make two meals.  I had a little trouble rolling out the dough so it’s pretty ugly but it tasted so good!


I can’t wait to have it for lunch tomorrow!



I did not get enough water today.  I just now finished my second bottle for the whole day.  Some days it seems like nine cups of water isn’t much and others it seems like an ocean.  I’m not concerned,  I’ll get enough tomorrow, I just don’t want to make a habit out of it.

I am SO glad tomorrow is Friday.  This has been one rollercoaster of a week!

See you soon!

– Me

The Bunny Hop

Bunnies were hopping in my oatmeal this morning!


I picked up some Annie’s Bunny Grahams the other day when I was at Target and had been thinking about graham cracker oatmeal all week!  Finally I remembered to make it today!


Somehow my brain completely turned off and I forgot the most important ingredient that ever goes in oatmeal:  Vanilla!  I cut back the sugar too so it was really bland.  Next time I’ll remember.


After these pictures I stirred the bunnies in and I don’t recommend that either.  They got soggy and the amazing texture I was hoping for was gone.  But they tasted pretty amazing in there!


I will be seeing you at lunch!

– Me

Here’s hoping

Here’s to hoping this post goes up.


Since it’s a holiday, I thought I would celebrate by adding sprinkles to my oatmeal Smile.


I made vanilla oats this morning with a side of lemon water.   To give the oats a little more texture I mixed in 1/4 cup wheatberries.  I love the chew!


They were so fun!


I thought it would be fun to eat green food today.  Salads are green Smile


I made a salad of romaine topped with 1/4 cup wheat berries and some queso fresco with Italian dressing.


It was very simple but very good!

See you later!

– Me


For some reason I thought St. Patrick’s day was on the 14th.  I thought it was weird that people were still talking about it since it already passed.  Weird.  I wonder if I have some way to make green oats tomorrow?  I am NOT putting spinach in my oatmeal.  Sorry but I’m not anywhere ready for that one.


I just realized I didn’t weigh myself this morning!  I have no idea how I missed it, I walked right past the scale and have been weighing myself every morning for months.  Silly. 

It’s not the end of the world to miss a day here or there, but it’s weird that I did.


Breakfast definitely wasn’t off this morning!

I had been playing with this idea for a while, and finally remembered it before I made my oats this morning.


I made Spiced Apple Oats but diced one of those amazing apples I have on my counter into it.


The flavorful oats combined with the hot juicy apple pieces was such an amazing (and easy!) idea.  I don’t know why it took me so long to try it!



I have my first run today so expect an update sometime this afternoon on how it went.

See you then!

– Me flower