I went back to the fitness center to get another good walk in before I start Couch to 5k Monday.  Time flew by and I easily could have walked past the fifteen minutes I had planned but my stomach had other ideas so I headed back home for a fantastic salad.

I have baked scallops planned for dinner so I wanted to keep lunch in the lower calorie spectrum so I have plenty of room to play with. 


Even at low cal this salad did not disappoint!


  • Romaine
  • Fat Free Ranch dressing
  • Extra sharp cheddar half sliced thinly half shredded
  • Diced red bell pepper


Next time I’ll try and sauté the bell peppers so I can have a hot component to compliment the cold salad.


Friendly Footwear

I won’t be posting all of my meals every day.  I tend to run with the same thing for a few days and I can’t see how oh she had a sandwich for lunch again could be very interesting.  Of course I’ll post the wonderful meals I do have, but don’t expect everything I eat to go up.  That’s silly.

Because of the cold weather I haven’t worn my vibrams in a while so I thought it would be better to walk in them and make sure I’m acclimated before I start running.  It’s still really muddy outside so I went to my apartment complex’s fitness center and hopped on the treadmill with a magazine.  I started at 2.8, which was a reasonably fast walk, and hoped to do 30 minutes.  After fifteen my feet were crying so I hopped off.  I didn’t want to overdo it and I was glad I didn’t try to start running right off.  I think part of the problem was that I wore my feet killing heels yesterday.  Friendly footwear for the next few days.


Dinner, however, was life changing.


I had originally planned on making potato soup for dinner, but after the wonderfully warm day I wasn’t really feeling it.  All I could think about was cajun chicken with millet.  Always go with what you crave.  Unless it’s a whole gallon of ice cream, that sounds like a bad idea.

Millet is my favorite grain right now, I just discovered it in the last few months and I LOVE it. 

I combined 1/2 cup millet with 2 cups water in the rice cooker and let it do its thing.  I like to cook my millet at a 1:4 ratio instead of a 1:3 ratio because it makes it super creamy.  About halfway through cooking I diced some chicken, a green onion, and some red bell pepper and sautéed them with some cajun spice.

When the millet was finished, I stirred in some buffalo sauce and grated some extra sharp cheddar into the rice cooker and stirred it all together.

It was wonderful!  I loved the mix of the flavors.  I’m totally doing this again.



  • Weight:
    • 139.8
  • Water Drank:
    • 9 cups
  • Running:
    • I walked 15 minutes
  • Yoga:
    • not today
  • Breakfast:
    • Oatmeal
    • (272.67 calories)
  • Lunch:
    • Turkey Sandwich
    • (335 calories)
  • Dinner:
    • Cheddar Millet with Cajun Chicken
    • (638 calories)
  • Total Calories:
    • 1275.67


Now I’m curled up with my heat pack and a cup of chai tea (my guilty pleasure) and I’m going to talk to the boy until it’s time for bed 🙂