Birthday Surprises

I opened my mail yesterday and found a coupon for $5 off my order at McAlister’s for my birthday! 


This time I got my potato salad!  I’m pretty sure their secret ingredient is crack, because it’s that good!


I had it with some water with a lemon wedge in it.  It was wonderful Smile


See you again soon!

– Me


Snip Snip

I have tried to post lunch on and off for two days!  After a lot of troubleshooting hopefully this might work Sad smile


After my run I was craving some flavors only Quiznos could provide, so I ran over and got my typical Sammy and SunChips.


It hit the spot!


I’ve been needing a haircut BAD for a while.  It’s been nearly a year since I had one.

I tried to take a before picture, but it just turned into lots of bloopers.  How on earth do people successfully take mirror pictures?

This is the best before I got:


And this is after:  Not as big of a difference as I expected, but it looks a lot cleaner and my bangs are fixed.


Maybe someday I’ll get it figured out!


Dinner was fantastic:

I cooked some diced chicken and mixed it with some of the tri color peppers and onion.  I then stirred it in an ounce of my buffalo chicken dip.  It’s a variation of my recipe for company, stuffed chicken, so I call it “unstuffed chicken”.  Complete with a bottle full of water.


It’s very filling and very very tasty!




Yoga tomorrow for day two of my big getting in shape challenge!

– Me Ghost

( Sad smile I just discovered my flower smiley left.  But here’s a cute ghost instead)


I had a crazy craving for soda today!  Finally I caved and grabbed some take out from my favorite restaurant, McAlister’s.


My friends used to make fun of me because I always order the same thing in restaurants.  Of course, I tried to get my usual today by ordering a basil parmesan chicken panini.  It’s SOOO good!


I normally get potato salad with my panini.  Their potato salad is so good I swear the secret ingredient is crack.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any crack today, so I go mac and cheese.  It was okay, but I would have rather had my potato salad.


All in all it was a great lunch!

– Me flower


I had another apartment viewing during lunch today so after I stopped at Quiznos to grab lunch.


I love their chipotle turkey flatbread and get it every time with SunChips!  I love those guys.



This apartment looked much better than the ones I saw yesterday.  I’m much less discouraged now. We’ll see what happens!