C25K Week 3 Day 1

I am tired.  This week has taken a lot out of me.  I still wanted to get my run in because I don’t want to lose momentum but this run was definitely less than stellar.  I’ll probably be redoing today.

I tried so hard to get it in yesterday but some jerk was on both treadmills for two full hours.  I quit trying after it got dark because I didn’t really like the idea of walking back in the dark.  Luckily I was able to get in today.

It did not go well.  I didn’t have enough water today, I was already pretty run down, and some weirdo was grunting loudly while lifting weights.  The three minute run killed me. 

I think I’m going to try and redo it tomorrow.  Things just did not work out today.

I’m off to curl up with my teddy bear and watch some tv.  It’s all I have energy to do right now!

– Me


Food Dyes

When I posted about why I eat the foods I do, I had just read an article about how artificial dyes could affect ADHD.  It looks like the FDA is about to review these claims in the next few weeks. 

I really don’t understand why we’re still using artificial dyes.  After they found some of the commonly used dyes to be dangerous why risk it? 

I haven’t quite read through the full article yet (that’s waiting for the weekend.  I’m too tired to process it right now), but I thought I’d share.

– Me

C25K Week 2 Day 3

Oh my goodness I am so worn out.  Work is super crazy so bare (bear?) with me for the next few weeks until I settle into this new routine.

I contemplated pushing my run back to tomorrow, but the more I thought about it the worse that idea started to sound.  Twenty minutes isn’t really that long, and I knew that once it was finished it wouldn’t be hanging over my head. 

I am irrationally shy about running.  I know it’s ridiculous, but I don’t want anyone there while I’m running.  Partly because I feel like I’m being judged, and partly because I compare myself to other people.  I feel like I’m not doing it right or something.  It would be different if I were going to a bigger area or something, but when my only option is to stand right next to someone when I’m doing it, I would rather wait for the fitness center to be empty.  It took me three times to get the room to myself, but it was totally worth it.

It definitely wasn’t easy, and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s challenging in general or because I was pretty tired already when I went, but I made it through.  About halfway through I wondered if I should consider doing this week for a few more days but now that it’s finished I think I should move on.  I was able to successfully complete it after a long day and I feel pretty good about it. 

Even though I’m getting very busy in the next few weeks I plan to try and keep posting an update about how each run went because I think it would be an excellent compilation later.  It would be interesting to go back and see how I made it through the program.

And with that I’m heading to bed.  I’m completely worn out.

– Me


Oatmeal grosses me out right now.  I know saying that is a crime against nature, but when I first get up just the thought of oatmeal makes me feel sick.  I’m not sure why, but it’s been that way for about two weeks.  Blek.

So this morning I was contemplating what to have for breakfast and after all the sugar I had yesterday, sweet did not appeal to me at all.  I got the makings for a smoothie out and just couldn’t do it. 

After the third time I looked at my eggs scrambled eggs started to sound appealing.  So I got to work.


I scrambled two eggs with a little milk and some buffalo sauce mixed with pepper and onions and half an ounce of cheddar cheese.


It was exactly what I was looking for!

Have a great day!

– Me


I have been feeling a little melancholy lately.  I think I’m just missing tony and I’m ready to have him home.  It’s also dark and overcast and gray outside.  I don’t like gray.  Well I do enjoy the occasional overcast day, but I want sunshine right now.  Sunshine means spring which means I am one more season closer to Tony coming home.

I read this.  It made me laugh and I felt better.


After reading so much about knorks lately I knew I had to try a sample.  It came in the mail a few days ago and I’ve been dying to play with it!  I couldn’t believe how heavy it was when I first pulled it out of the package, but since then it doesn’t seem to be uncomfortably heavy or anything.

Unfortunately, ever since I received it I haven’t really eaten any cut-able foods.  Salads don’t count.

Tonight in my melancholy state of things I knew I needed to eat something more substantial than gummy bears so I made a variation on a grilled cheese.


I spread each slice with buffalo sauce, topped it with peppers and onions, and added some shredded mozzarella.  I broiled it in the oven for a few minutes so the cheese could melt.


I’m really impressed with the knork (real review coming soon) as it seemed to more or less slice through this without a problem.

Hopefully tomorrow is sunnier!

– Me


My mom got me this super cool blender for my birthday and although it’s 30* outside, I just had to make a smoothie today!

I mixed 8 ounces plain yogurt with 8 ounces apple juice and the last of my frozen blueberries.  I would have added some ice but 1) I don’t have any and 2) it was already cold enough!


It wasn’t bad, and at 280 calories it was right at my usual breakfast intake.  My only complaint would be that about halfway through things got a little sticky.  I think I’ll cut back on the apple juice next time. 

Check out this super cool cap it came with!


I hope it’s warm wherever you are!  They’re saying snow is in the works for us!  Crazy!

– Me

On Fad Diets (and C25k Week 2 Day 2)

Today was day 2 of week 2 of C25k.

I really really didn’t feel well before I went (I blame the pizza) but I didn’t feel bad enough to justify not doing it so I got dressed and headed over to the rec room of my apartment.

Like last week, it seems like day 2 was the worst.  My calves fought me the whole way.  If you remember, Wednesday I said I had more difficulty with breathing than with my legs.  Today was different.  My breathing seemed to be fine, but my legs were not happy about things.  Hopefully like last time day 3 will be much easier after a two day break. 

I still feel like there’s a huge rock in the pit of my stomach, but I’m glad I completed my run today.  It was finished before I knew it and I feel accomplished for having done it Smile


I have been thinking about this a few days and really want to talk about it.

I read a lot of forums and a few days ago someone asked if there was an easy way to lose belly fat *fast*.  I firmly believe there is nothing that happens fast, but that’s beside the point.  Someone recommended the master cleanse.  I hadn’t ever heard of this so I did some googling and found this on the Wikipedia page.

The cleanse involves drinking only a concoction made from fresh lemons, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper, as well as a laxative tea. No solid food is eaten for the entire cleanse.

You have to be kidding me.

When I posted that quote in the forum she said “most people don’t like it when they’re doing it but it is so worth it in the end”. 

Just in case Wikipedia is making things up I found this at themastercleanse.org:

The Master Cleanse is such a simple program. First, squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice, then add Rich Maple Syrup, and Cayenne Pepper into Pure Water. Drink a minimum of six to twelve glasses throughout the day whenever one is hungry. Take a laxative, morning and evening; or instead of the morning laxative, you can do the Salt Water Flush. Every day of The Master Cleanse that you overcome the psychological need to eat, you feel a growing sense of control that motivates you to complete the process.

The psychological need to eat???  What about the PHYSICAL need to eat?

I realize that dieting has been much easier for me than a lot of people, but this is outrageous. If you do something that you stop doing later then how could you think you won’t bounce right back to where you were before?

Dieting to me means making lifetime changes to find health.  Calories in equals calories out and you adjust as you need.  Not eating anything but some peppery lemonade sounds silly to me.

What do you think about fad diets?  Been on one?  Considering one?  This is my first attempt to diet, so maybe there’s a point I didn’t think about.

– Me